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Ready 9, is short for Ready Room 9.  Onboard an aircraft carrier, the numbered Ready Rooms are as important to the survival of a squadron’s officers as the ship itself.  It is everything in the life of a squadron’s officers and aircrew: preflight planning, mission briefings, debriefings, studying, paperwork, meetings, schedule-writing, training, standing “alert” duties, drinking coffee, taking breaks, relaxing, playing cards, roll ‘ems , video games, writing home, reading, playing practical jokes, counseling, all of it!  It all happens in the Ready Room, which becomes a sacred place in the life of a sea-going aviator.  It is home.


Jeremy is our founder and President.  He has called Ready 9 his home on three different aircraft carriers on multiple deployments.  He loves to share his passion for aviation with others, while offering unique views of our beautiful region.  He started his flying career in the US Navy as an F/A-18 operational and test pilot, and began flying civilian airplanes after graduating from the French Test Pilot School.  He has flown over 4,500 mishap-free flight hours in over 130 different types of aircraft. 

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