Flight Training Programs

We are open for business at the St. Mary's County Airport (2W6) terminal building!


We have a Cessna 140 available for tailwheel training and a Republic Seabee for seaplane training.

Apply for Training today to hold your spot in line for 2021!  Reservations are required.

Located about 1 hour 30 minutes southeast of Washington, DC, St. Mary's County Airport (2W6) is surrounded by a large variety of airfields and water landing sites on and around the Patuxent and Potomac rivers.  

We do training part-time and by appointment only.  Due to our customer list, full-time jobs, restricted airspace, DPE availability, and other aviation-related challenges, we may not be able to fly with you right away.  Please contact us for more information and we will make every effort to accommodate your training needs.

A reservation for flight training requires a non-refundable deposit, equivalent to 1.0 hour of training, to protect us against no-shows and cancellations within 24 hours.


The Republic Seabee is certainly a unique seaplane!  Prior to a SES practical test, you must demonstrate proficiency in a complex, high performance, and tailwheel aircraft.  The training program is more robust than other courses, and will sufficiently prepare you to operate a complex seaplane safely off the water.  Our Private or Commercial SES Add-On Course starts with a tailwheel refresher flight in the Cessna 140 (or a tailwheel endorsement course), then progresses into the Seabee.  High-performance and complex endorsements will be worked into the training if required.  A Seabee seaplane rating may take you anywhere from 6 to 10 hours of dual instruction.

Seabee: $500/hour all inclusive

(Examiner fee not included for Practical Test)

Discovery flights for non-pilots, seaplane introductory flights, refresher training, insurance checkouts, and advanced seaplane courses are available.

Minimum booking (and for gift certificates) for seaplane instruction is $500, equivalent to 1.0 hour flight with ground instruction.


The Cessna 140 is a great tailwheel trainer.  Tailwheel endorsements usually take 4-6 hours over 3-4 flights.  You'll practice three point and wheel landings, and crosswind procedures at both grass and paved runways. 


Discovery flights for non-pilots, refresher training, insurance checkouts, and advanced tailwheel training are available.

$200/hour all inclusive

Minimum booking (and for gift certificates) for tailwheel instruction is for $200, equivalent to 1.0 hour flight with ground instruction.

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