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Our specialty is advanced-topic flight training. 

But we do it all.

We offer Discovery Flights, Private Pilot courses, aircraft checkout and rental, tailwheel endorsements, and seaplane add-on ratings.  We provide training for military aviators transitioning to general aviation.

Our team of professional flight instructors is here to make your training a safe and enjoyable experience.  We have a breadth of experience in all types of aircraft from the venerable Cub to sailplanes, helicopters, seaplanes, multi-engine trainers and the turbine DC-3, unmanned systems, and military strike-fighter jets.

Apply for Training today to hold your spot in line and receive more information from the team.  Reservations are required.

We offer training part-time and by appointment only.  Due to our growing customer list, full-time jobs, restricted airspace, DPE availability, and other aviation-related challenges, we may not be able to fly with you right away.  Please contact us for more information and we will make every effort to accommodate your training needs.  Our rates are subject to change.



SES Add-on Course

Add a Single-Engine Seaplane (SES) rating to your Private or Commercial pilot certificate and become a proficient, competent seaplane pilot in a high-performance workhorse!

Our 2024 SES Add-on Course is a comprehensive 10-hour training package in a Cessna A185F on PK3050A amphibious floats.  You will become proficient in both land and water operations, to include beaching, mooring, docking, all takeoff and landing techniques required to safely operate a seaplane.

The course is intended to be scheduled over three full days (usually Friday - Sunday), or two half-days and two full days (Thursday/Friday afternoon, all day Saturday/Sunday).


 DPE availability is a major factor in our availability, but we should be able to accommodate most weekends and some weekday Practical Tests.


SES Add-On Course: $6,500 and includes ground instruction, 10.0 hours of aircraft use, instructor fees, and fuel.  The DPE fee is not included and is paid directly to the DPE at the practical test. 

High-Performance and Complex Endorsements

We offer a separate 2-flight, 3.0 hour course for high-performance and complex endorsements for any pilot desiring these endorsements.  You will learn safe operations of retractable landing gear for both land and water operations, 300 horsepower engine with constant-speed propeller management.  This course costs $2,000 and includes all ground instruction, instructor fees, aircraft use, and fuel.


For SES applicants, this add-on course is in addition to the SES Add-on course.  

Additional Training

Cessna A185F amphib rate: $650 per hour for extra training, Discovery Flights, Seaplane Introductions, etc...

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The Cessna 140 is a great tailwheel trainer, with responsive controls and good field-of-view over the nose.  Tailwheel endorsements usually take 4-6 hours over 3-4 flights for a current and proficient light-airplane pilot.  You'll practice three point and wheel landings, and crosswind procedures at both grass and paved runways. 


After your tailwheel endorsement or Cessna 140 checkout, we offer tailwheel training in a 1946 Piper J-3 Cub, equipped with a C-85.  You will have more exposure to grass runways, hand-propping, the limited field-of-view from the rear seat, and tons of fun!

Cessna 140 and Piper Cub: $225 per flight hour. Includes airplane, fuel, and flight instructor.  Ground school at $60 per hour.

Introductory flights for non-pilots offered at $150.

Advanced training and recurrent training available.


Private Pilot and Rental

Our Piper PA-28-161 Warrior is a VFR four-place airplane used for a variety of training and rentals.

Private pilot training requires at least 40 hours of flight time, among other requirements.

Piper Warrior: $250 per flight hour. Includes airplane, fuel, and flight instructor.  Ground school $60 per hour.

Introductory flights for 1-3 people offered at $250.

Solo rental available - $160 Dry.

IFR Upgrade coming April 2024

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