Flight Training Programs

September 4, 2020 update:  The PA-12 is undergoing maintenance and will be unavailable for the remainder of this season.  We are hoping to have an amphibious aircraft available soon.  Please check back for updates. 

Apply for Training today to hold your spot in line for 2021!

Located about 1 hour 45 minutes southeast of Washington, DC, Wingfield Airstrip and Seaplane Base (MD01) is surrounded by a large variety of grass strips and water landing sites on and around the Patuxent and Potomac rivers.  Our highly modified 160-hp PA-12 on EDO 2000 straight floats makes an outstanding platform in which to earn your SES rating, receive recurrent training, or conduct a flight review.  The float season starts in April and continues through November.   We can make local referrals for year-round tailwheel training, but the PA-12 is available during winter months.

We do training part-time, by appointment only, and mostly on weekends.  Due to our full-time jobs, restricted airspace, DPE availability, and other aviation-related challenges, we may not be able to fly with you right away.  Please contact us for more information and we will make every effort to accommodate your training needs.

A reservation for flight training requires a non-refundable deposit to protect us against no-shows and last minute cancellations.


April - November

Our Private or Commercial SES Add-On Course is designed to be completed in three days over two weekends.  We can normally start the training at your convenience, but DPE availability will determine when we can finish.

SES Add-On: $2,000 for ground school and up to 6.0 flight hours. Examiner fee not included.  $50 discount for cash/check.

$325/hr for other training: introduction to floats, advanced training, flight reviews, and extra training for practical tests.  Ground school included.  $10/hr discount for cash/check.

Minimum booking (and for gift certificates) for seaplane instruction is $450, equivalent to 1.4 hour flight with ground instruction.

Discovery flights available for non-pilots.


All Year

Our tailwheel endorsement course usually takes 4-6 flight hours.  Seaplane scheduling takes priority on summer weekends, but we can usually accommodate weekday evening training.  PA-12 training is prioritized during winter months.

$200/hr for PA-12.  $5/hr discount for cash/check.

Initial or recurrent training is available to keep your stick and rudder skills sharp.  Same rates apply.

Minimum booking (and for gift certificates) for tailwheel instruction is for $300 (PA-12), equivalent to 1.5 hour flight with ground instruction.

Discovery flights available for non-pilots.

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