Seaplane Sightseeing Rides

Discover beautiful southern Maryland from the air.

Flights start at $99!

September 4, 2020 Update:  We have temporarily suspended our flights while we sort out some maintenance issues.  We will be back in the water soon!  Please check back or follow us on Facebook for updates.

Reservations and gift certificates available! 

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We offer seaplane sightseeing rides from the Leonardtown Wharf in support of local events and other weekend days.  Since we are a growing business, we may not be at the Wharf every weekend during the season. 


Our $99 flight (one person, approximately 15 minutes airborne) allows guests to see Medley's Neck, Newtowne Neck, Colton's Point, and St. Clement's Island while overflying Breton Bay, the Potomac River, and St. Clement's Bay.  Our longer 30-minute flight will add the Wicomico River, Chaptico Bay and St. Catherine's Sound or along the Potomac River to St. George's Island and back.  Custom routes are possible on 45 or 60 minute flights, including St. Mary's City, the Patuxent River, and Point Lookout.

One or two people may ride in the back seat.  It's a great fit for two 150 pound adults or a parent and child.  Due to FAA limits, combined passenger weight is limited to 240-320 pounds.  Depending on the fuel load, you may be asked to wait for your flight.  Small children weighing at least 35 pounds may fly and we found that children 4 and up love the seaplane!  We prefer that children fly with a parent, but will consider taking older children without a parent with their recommendation and permission.

Appointments are recommended, so don't hesitate to contact us prior to the weekend.  We will update this site and our Facebook page when we're going to be at the Leonardtown Wharf.  For other times, private parties, corporate events, gift certificates, and flights from other locations, please email us with your request.



One person: 15 minutes - $99

One person: 30 minutes - $179

Two people: 15 minutes - $159

Two people: 30 minutes - $239

Longer flights are available for an additional $80 per 15 minutes

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